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Haitian Relief Initiative - Information and Resources

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The College of New Jersey


In response to the recent disaster in Haiti, a group of TCNJ students, faculty and staff has formed a campus-wide steering committee in an effort to establish a unified program for the spring semester and beyond.   The "Here for Haiti" campaign will help coordinate, support and organize activities in a variety of areas, including-- education, student support, student planning, fundraising and service-learning trips. 


Members of the TCNJ Community are encouraged to check this site often to learn about upcoming events as well as the ongoing initiative.


Upcoming Events

Events Archive


View and Download the "Here for Haiti" Campus Invitation Letter

Stay Informed Through Facebook 


Haitian Relief Assistance Guide - Mercer County Office of Emergency Management


Spring 2011 Working Group Objectives Worksheet


Contact us at haiti@tcnj.edu

2010-2011 News/Updates/Upcoming Events



November 11, 2010     Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee will meet for the second time this semester on November 11th at 11:30 am in the Social Science Building (room 331).


November 8, 2010     Haiti Understood- Documentary and Educational Panel

Academic and student leaders will gather to view a documentary and anaylze the socioeconomic issues facing the country as well as the response to the disaster.


Fall Semester     Toy Drive

HSA and other students are gathering toys in collaboration with New Jersey for Haiti, a statewide non profit working to provide relief to the people affected by the earthquake.  For more information, contact Natasha Celius at celius2@tcnj.edu


Fall Semester     HFH Bracelet Fundraiser

HSA, Bonners, and other members of the campus community are selling Here for Haiti Bracelets to raise funds for disaster relief.   Please consider purchasing or selling bracelets.  For more information, contact Natasha Celius at celius2@tcnj.edu.


October 14, 2010      Steering Committee Meeting-

Members of the HFH Steering Committee met for the first time to discuss scheduling issues, upcoming events, develop tentative Working Group Leaders and Objectives.   The group will reconvene on November 11th at 11:30 am (Social Sciences Building 331).







2009-2010 News and Updates


April 13, 2010      'Road to Fondwa' Event Featured in The Signal

The recent 'Road to Fondwa' event, hosted by the Haitian Student Association, was featured on the front page of this week's issue of The SignalClick here to read the article.


March 30, 2010      Students Reminded of Available Support Services

The Division of Student Affairs reminded students that professional staff are available to provide them with assistance if they have been personally affected by the disaster in Haiti.  For the entire text, hit the link above. 


March 27, 2010      TCNJ Here for Haiti in the News


In the March 2010 Issue of University Business, TCNJ's Here for Haiti was mentioned in an article titled, "Helping Haiti." The Article highlights the efforts of various colleges from around the country (see page 12, Behind the News, to read this article).  Earlier in the semester, Tracy Fitzsimmons wrote an article entitled, "Our Role in Haiti," for Inside Higher Ed on March 18th.  It provides an outline for how colleges and universities can provide assistance. Read this article here.


March 24, 2010     Survivor's Tale Postponed.  No Event on March 25, 2010


Due to a list minute change in the schedule of the main speaker, tomorrow's event has been postponed.  More details will be shared as soon as possible.


March 6, 2010     Education Committee Develops Spring 2010 Plan


Members of the Here for Haiti Education Committee announced they are working to deliver three programs to the campus community during the next two months.  These will include a presentation by local residents who were in Haiti when the earthquake struck (tentatively March 25th), a Tent City that illustrates the living conditions in Haiti (tentatively the week of March 29th), and a viewing of the documentary Road to Fandwa (tentatively April 6th).  These programs and all key details will be confirmed and posted on this wiki as soon as possible.


March 5, 2010     First Working Group Meetings Held--Spring 2010 Objectives Developed


After a few blizzard induced delays, the members of the Here for Haiti Working Groups gathered in the Social Sciences Building to review their charges, identify leaders, and develop their Spring 2010 objectives.   The Working Groups will gather again during week ending Friday March 19th.  Each Working Group will set their own meeting time and location.


March 3, 2010     TCNJ Pledge Campaign Hits $76,000


The College of New Jersey's Here for Haiti Electronic Pledge Campaign hit the $76,000 mark during the first week of March.  Launched shortly after the disaster, this campaign encourages faculty, students and staff to support the ongoing humanitarian efforts in Haiti.   All members of the TCNJ community received the electronic invitation and the Fundraising Working Group will send reminders throughout the spring semester.  


February 26, 2010     Meeting Cancelled Because of Weather


The College will not be open at 10:00 am today due to the snow storm.  The Steering Committee (10:00 am) and Working Group Meetings (10:30 am) will be rescheduled for next Friday (March 26) at the same location (Social Science Building 331)


February 22,  2010     Here for Haiti Electronic Pledge Card Report


In response to the campus wide email sent on February 4th and on several subsequent dates (which asked staff, students and faculty to ellectronically pledge their degree of support to the Haitian Earthquake Relief), "E-Pledge Card Reports" have been generated and regularly updated.  As of today, the report indicates that our campus community has already pledged $76,540 To see the full details of the report, click here.


February 5, 2010     Here for Haiti Steering Committee Invites Volunteers to Join Working Groups


The Here for Haiti Steering committee emailed a members of the TCNJ community who attended the initial meeting (Library Auditorium) or planning session (Social Sciences Building) and expressed an interest in getting more involved--inviting them to join one the 6 Working Groups:  Education, Student Support, Student Planning, Fundraising, Service Learning Trips and Communication/Outreach.   A contact person for each WG will appear shortly.


February 4, 2010     Here for Haiti Steering Committee Meeting


Members of the Here for Haiti Steering Committee met in the Student Center and finalized the list of working groups--which will provide members of the TCNJ committee a chance to support the relief efforts.  These working groups or committees include--Education, Student Support, Student Planning, Fundraising, Service Learning Trips and Communications/Outreach. Click here to see descriptions of the working groups.


February 4, 2010     Here for Haiti Pledge Cards


The Steering Committe sent out a campus-wide email today asking members of our campus to fill out an annonymous electronic pledge card so that we may document the degree of support for the Haitian Earthquake Relief.  


February 2, 2010     Here for Haiti Vigil Held in Kendall Hall 


Hundreds of students, faculty and staff joined together at the Here for Haiti Program and Vigil at Kendall Hall.  The event was co-sponsored by the SGA, the Haitian Student Association, the Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement, and the Division of Student Affairs.  Volunteers collected nearly $1000 that will be donated to Haitian relief efforts. 

February 9, 2010     G7 Cancels Debts Owed by Haiti


The G7 recently announced its decision to cancel bilateral debts with Haiti, and organizations such as "Save the Children" are advocating for total debt cancellation by other nations that have not yet made this same decision. This is yet another effort to help the Haitian government by allowing it to focus on recovery and rebuilding efforts.  Click here to watch a video from the ONE Campaign about this proposal.


January 30, 2010     175 Bags of Donated Materials Delivered to NJ for Haiti 


Shortly after the disaster hit, the Haitian Students Associaton organized a drive that collected 175 bags of clothing (115), food (26), medical supplies (4), utensils (3), toiletry items (3), as well as 26 cases of water and 5 more of miscalleanous items.   For more information on New Jersey for Haiti, please visit www.nj4haiti.org.  This organization is chaired by Congressman Donald Payne and Senator Raymond Lesniak.  (HSA would like to thank all members of the TCNJ community for their generosity towards Haiti. L'union fait la force. With unity there is strength.)   Click here for more information.

Here for Haiti Interim Steering Committee


Robert Anderson, Assistant Provost for Liberal Learning (randerso@tcnj.edu)

Timothy Asher, Director of Student Activities (ashert@tcnj.edu)

Natasha Celius, President, Haitian Students Association (celius2@tcnj.edu)

Patrick Donohue, Director of the Bonner Center (pdonohue@tcnj.edu)

Mary Lynn Hopps, Director of Women in Leadership and Learning (mlhopps@tcnj.edu)

Magda Manetas, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (mmanetas@tcnj.edu)

Kay Miklosz, Admissions Counselor (miklosz@tcnj.edu)

Benjamin Rifkin, Dean of the School of Culture & Society (rifkin@tcnj.edu)


Staff members from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are standing by to offer support for those experiencing stress or anxiety due to this or any other situation. They may be reached at:

107 Eickhoff Hall



To view contact information for the leaders of the Working Groups, please click here.

 Recommended Relief Organizations


To make a donation to one of the agencies that have been researched and vetted by TCNJ as organizations where the greatest percentage of your gift will directly aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, use the following links:


Partners in Health






Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund





Bonner Center HFH Working Committee Work Pages 






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